Ovarian Rejuvenation is indicated for the prevention of premature menopause and ovarian failure. Useful for improving the quality and quantity of oocytes in women with oocyte factor IVF failures. It represents the only possibility for women who do not want to resort to heterologous techniques and anti-aging medical devices. As a result of physiological aging or pathological processes, the ovarian tissue becomes increasingly fibrous and poor in vessels that carry oxygen, nutritional materials and hormones, all this increases the reduction of follicles, isolates some and qualitatively alters others with the consequent loss of oocytes and reduction of hormone production. The insertion, by transvaginal ultrasound in light sedation, of PRP or Stem Cell stimulates neoangiogenesis with a consequent increase in the vessels and the supply of oxygen and nutritional material; stimulates the production of new endocrine cells, attracts stem cells with consequent improvement and rejuvenation. After a regeneration consolidation therapy based on dietary schemes, DRIP IV and oxygen Ozone therapy (HAROT), the ovary improves its functioning and can be successfully stimulated.


The endometrium can be affected by pathological processes such as inflammation, atrophy and immune alterations related to the accumulation of CD3.56 and 138 lymphocytes. All these conditions hinder embryo implantation and are often the cause of early abortions. Endometrial regeneration is able to solve these pathologies, the subendometrial introduction, by hysteroscopic way of PRP or Stem Cell, stimulates the production of new vessels by improving the endometrial microcirculation. In turn, the supply of higher quantities of oxygen and metabolites improves the growth and quality of the endometrium. The immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effect helps to create the best conditions for the embryo implantation and the maintenance of pregnancy. This procedure should also find indications in cases of two or more IVF program failures


One of the most frequent causes of impotence is the alteration of the spongy tissue of the corpora cavernosa. The corpora cavernosa are cylinders which, filling with blood, allow the penis to erect and maintain it. Inflammation processes, fibrotic degenerations and vascular alterations damage these structures, causing impotence to arise.
The outpatient inoculation of PRP in the corpora cavernosa regenerates these structures allowing a valid erection and often, an increase in the size of the penis.


The PRP has multiple indications in aesthetic medicine. Thanks to its recognized ability to regenerate tissues, stimulate cell multiplication, recall stem cells, induce neoangiogenesis (growth of new blood vessels). These effects improve all tissues by rejuvenating them, increasing their elasticity and tone. At the Regenerative Medicine Unit in Chianciano Salute, expert biologists prepare a cream based on hyaluronic acid and PRP capable of restoring elasticity and tone to the face, eliminating wrinkles and making the skin more elastic and compact. It is the first organic cosmetic cream, genetically compatible with the person from whom it was produced.


As a result of senile involution, menopause or after trauma or births, the female external genitalia can undergo a reduction in elasticity, in the tone of thinning, with consequent functional disorders, such as incontinence or difficulties in sexual intercourse or imperfections that affect the quality of life. The skilful inoculation of PRP followed by the use of the 448 KHZ frequencies solves these problems brilliantly and quickly.


PRP and Ozone represent innovative therapeutic aids against a disabling disease characterized by pain, adhesions and intense inflammatory processes responsible for pain and autoimmune lesions capable of damaging cells and primarily the oocyte. Inoculation into ovarian endometriotic focuses stimulates healing and reduces inflammation and therefore parenchymal damage and induces tissue regeneration, with improved symptoms and oocyte quality. The subsequent sessions of oxygen-ozone therapy (H.A.R.O.T.) decongest the pelvis, inflame the body with a considerable reduction in TNFalpha and promote normal intestinal activity, also improving the microbiota.