Improvement of the quality and quantity of follicles / oocytes in MAP pathways. Therapy of ovarian failure and premature menopause, optimization of fertility preservation to allow the preservation of fertility. Improvement of embryo implantation rates due to the anti-inflammatory effect, modulating action of the immune system. Stimulation of uterine angiogenesis with consequent improvement of uterine oxygenation. Improvement of the quality and quantity of male gametes.


The restoration of cellular regenerative capacities, the increase in angiogenesis factors, the prevention of damage from toxins, oxidants and pro-inflammatory cytokines and the improvement of multiple body functions slow down aging keeping the body younger.


Regenerative medicine is indicated in hair regrowth, restoration of skin tone and elasticity, preparation of creams with growth factors deriving from its own platelets, or stem cells therefore more natural and effective, prevention of unsightly effects and damage of lifting, natural fillings breast and buttocks, action on cellulite stretch marks scars.


Rejuvenation of the genital system with consequent aesthetic and functional improvement, correction of minor incontinence and improvement of the quality of sexual intercourse.


Regenerative medicine finds indications in erectile dysfunction, it can be used to achieve an increase in the size of the penis.


Promotes the healing of fractures, tendon injuries, restores the activity of osteoblasts, blocks degenerative processes, improves elasticity, fights osteoporosis and arthrosis.


Regenerative medicine thanks to PRP, the use of stem cells and radiofrequency with waves. 448 kHz promotes hair regrowth and loss prevention with a few simple applications.


Cell regeneration, anti-inflammatory activity, modulation of the immune system and the antioxidative and protective action of DNA, are all processes that participate in the prevention of degenerative and non-degenerative diseases, including oncological diseases. All this explains the importance of regenerative medicine in disease prevention.


Endometriosis is that pathology characterized by the presence of the endometrium outside the uterus. It is responsible for severe abdominal pain and affects fertility by compromising the quality and quantity of oocytes, the patency or functionality of the tubes, and the supply of oxygen to the uterus. Endometriosis damages the microbiota and accentuates all inflammatory processes. Regenerative medicine, thanks to PRP, ozone therapy, hydrocolon and nutrigenomics, is able to resolve or improve these pathological conditions.